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Damiano Carrara.

Born in 1985 in Lucca, Carrara took his first steps as a bartender before moving to Ireland. In 2012, however, he settled in California, where he and his brother opened two pastry shops: Carrara Pastries. Success came immediately. He achieved long-lasting fame as television character: he soon became a star of Food Network America. In 2015 he competed in the first season of the “Spring Baking Championship” and finished second. He continued his career as cooking show competitor and in 2016 he ranked third in the twelfth season of Food Network Star.

In 2017 he partecipated in the television show Bake Off Italia, after years of TV experience both as a competitor and as a judge. After the success of Bake Off Italia, he continued his TV adventure with Cake Star. He currently has two recipe books to his credit: Dolce Italia and A Taste of Italy. In October 2018 his new book «everything is possible in life» published by Harper Collins came out in Italy.


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KIT_ICE_GLOW_ricetta_3_prodotto copia


The Project Kit Ice Glow

A snowy landscape, a magic forest or an art installation, the ICE GLOW KIT is a unique encounter between hugeness and versatility. The kit consists of two silicone moulds: one mould for the base and the other for creating the particular "peaks of delight" decoration. The kit Ice Glow belongs to Silikomart's 3Design line. Its cavities are provided with a special internal border that gives a rounded shape to the base of your sweet preparations. Ice Glow guarantees perfect results not only in the semifreddo and mousse versions, but also in the baked one.



Kit Ice Glow

260x100 h 75 mm

Volume Tot. 910 ml

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