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“I want to share my love for cakes, that became a way of life for me.”

Luca Perego - Lucake

decoro tarte twist



A new way of conceiving the tart and making this traditional dessert even more captivating and contemporary. The MINI TARTE TWIST kit by Silikomart is composed by two elements: 6 micro-perforated rings to create the shortcrust tart base and a silicone mould that reproduces a spiral decoration.

decoro tarte twist

A revolutionary internal border that gives a slight rounded shape to the base of your creations. 

detail tarte twist

3D Effect

anello tarte twist

The special rings with an 80 mm diameter are made with an innovative non-stick plastic material, perfect for a homogeneous oven cooking.

∙ Easy and perfect unmoulding
∙ Homogeneous baking
∙ Undeformable
∙ Stainless
∙ Non-stick
∙ It should not be greased
∙ Dishwasher safe
∙ High thermal stability
∙ Can be used as a cutter

anello tarte twist
detail tarte twist

6 micro-perforated rings inclded

The Tarte Decor project

Modern and professional-like tarts are a major trend in the contemporary pastry panorama. Special decorations, great colour combinations and unconventional sizes characterize this new chapter in the food sector.

The new TARTE DECOR project renews the concept of tarts through innovative materials and designs, the right mix of innovation and tradition to easily obtain a perfect tart worthy of a pastry chef.

The new Silikomart kits for tarts consist in micro-perforated rings for the creation of the shortcrust base and a decorative silicone mould that allows to create a fine decoration that otherwise would be difficult to make by hand.

A concentrate of sweetness  and modernity.



Single cavity size: Ø 70 h 25 mm

Ring size: Ø 80 mm h 20 mm
Volume: 6x53 ml

Volume tot:  318 ml

anello tarte twist

“My pastry philosophy is SIMPLICITY, means, everything that is simple is beautiful.”



150 ml - 400 ml



250 ml



250 ml

All you need for your decorations:

Download the Luca Perego recipe


“I cannot wait to see what you will prepare with the Mini Tarte Twist!”

Luca Perego - Lucake

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