My name is 
Aurélie Bastian.


For Aurélie Bastian, French by birth but German by adoption, cooking has always been a great passion. Since 2013 she has managed to turn this passion into a job becoming a food stylist and a food photographer. In the last 3 years she has participated to several German television programs in which she shares her recipes with the public. Aurélie has also published 4 books of French confectionery for the German public and personally she takes care of her recipe blog "franzoesischkochen.de".


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Tarte Decor Kit

The new Silikomart kits for tarts consist in micro-perforated rings for the creation of the shortcrust base and a decorative silicone mould that allows to create a fine decoration that otherwise would be difficult to make by hand.

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Micro-perforated ring

The special ring is made with an innovative non-stick plastic material, perfect for a homogeneous oven cooking

∙ Easy and perfect unmoulding 
∙ Homogeneous baking 
∙ Undeformable 
∙ Stainless 
∙ Non-stick 
∙ It should not be greased 
∙ Dishwasher safe 
∙ High thermal stability 
∙ Can be used as a cutter 

3D Effect mould

A revolutionary internal border that gives a slight rounded shape to the base of your creations.  

∙ Food Platinum Silicone 
∙ Captivating design 
∙ Can be washed in the dishwasher 
∙ Can be used in the oven and in the freezer.

A new way of conceiving the tart and making this traditional dessert even more captivating and contemporary.


Kit Tarte Nouvelle Vague

Mould size: 240 x 80 h 24 mm
Ring size: 265 x 105 h 20 mm 
Volume mould: 290 ml

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All you need for your decorations:

VELVET spray

100 ml - 150 ml - 400 ml

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Mirror GLAZE

250 ml

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15 g

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10 g

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