My name is 
David Pallàs. 

The story between David Pallàs and chocolate is a true love story that began over 20 years ago. The master chocolatier based in Barcelone said "Chocolate flows in my veins instead of blood". He is a regular collaborator for Masterchef Spain and a pastry consultant. David Pallàs is an internationally renowned chocolatier who today travels all around the world to bring his (sweet) verb but above all to democratize the pastry and bring it to everyone's reach.

For Silikomart, he signed the original recipe of the KIT IO & TE, a surprising explosion of flavors that has as its protagonists chocolate (of course!!) and olive oil! Nothing is taken for granted in this recipe that brings together the Spanish and Italian cuisine tradition to the point where you do not understand where one ends and starts the other. Discover this incredible project!

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The 3Design project


It’s a 3d revolution!

In recent years 3D technology has reached a lot of fields, from design to the film industry, turning into a real trend.

Discover the 3Design range, a collection where pastry meets design and aesthetics, where Nature and harmony are the main inspirations. Thanks to this special collection, anyone will be able to create professional-like cakes and entremets.

The new 3DESIGN. It’s about seeing in a different way, perceiving things from more points of view at the same time and therefore more completely.

 Two dimesions aren’t enough anymore! As “shapes” specialist, Silikomart couldn’t resist to develop and explore this concept, unchaining a real pastry revolution!


“The design of the kit IO&TE represents a unique bond, indissoluble as an interlocking game where you just have to find the right piece.”





Moulde Size: Ø 210 h 60 mm  
Volume: 1700 ml

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developed by David Pallàs!


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All you need for your decorations:

VELVET spray

100 ml - 150 ml - 400 ml

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Mirror GLAZE

15 g

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250 ml

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10 g

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